Position   Representative director
 Technical qualificationSpecial Grade Civil Eng. Field


   Domestic career(Harbor)
74.03~74.06 Dredging work for maintenance of Jeju port Jeju marine office
74.06~74.10 Dredging work for of Pier #4 of Busan port Pusan marine office
75.03~77.06 IBRD Dredging work & reclarnation work of Cheonghak-dong Busan port Pusan marine office
78.10~78.12 Rock Dredging work of  Kooryongpo port marine office
79.03~79.09 Underwater rock blasting & dredging work of exclusive port of Wolseong Atomic Power plant Korea Electirc Power
79.09~79.11 Dredging work of  Jeju port marine office
79.12~80.05 Rock Dredging work of  thermoelectric power plant 
of Pyungtaek port
Korea Electirc Power
80.06~80.11 Underwater rock blasting & dredging work of Onsan
Construction Ministry 
of Transportation
81.07~81.11 Quay installation work of pohang port marine office
82.05~82.10 Dredging & Block installation work for Coal pier of Incheon port marine office
88.05~88.07 Foundation piling work for Quay of Sinseondae, Busan port marine office
89.03~89.05 Foundation piling for Quay work of Masan fishing port marine office
    Domestic career(Submarine cable)
89.06~90.03 Laying & Burial work of submarine F.O communication cable between Jeju-Koheung & H.J.K AT&T,America
92.02~92.08 Laying & Burial work of 300MW HVDC Submarine electric cable between Haenam and Jeju Alcatel Cable
93.02~97.08 Technical Services work according to 300MW HVDC Submarine Cable Project Between Jeju and Haenam Alcatel Cable

   Foreign countries career

77.07~78.10 Dredging & Quay Foundation work of Quadima port Saudi Arabia as Site manager
83.07~86.06 Construction work for exclusive port of Sulallaya Thermoelectric power station Indonesia as site manager
86.07~88.05 Dredging and embankment Construction work of Puket Island Thailand as site manager
86.07~88.05 Under water Rock blasting and dredging work of Singapore port as site manager
86.07~88.05 Marine leasure facility work for exclusively King's family of Brunei as Site manager